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Report and Accounts

Full Annual Reports & Accounts are available here from 2004.

On 20th July 2005 the Society became a Company Limited by Guarantee (Number 05514023) and the Accounts of that first year were for a permitted 15 months. At the AGM in November 2010, the date of future AGMs was changed from November to February. The financial year remained unchanged but the annual Report and Accounts is now published three months later than previously.

The Report and Accounts for the latest year is subject to approval by the Trustee Directors and will be received by members at the AGM.

AGM Presentation February 2024

Knowle Society Report & Accounts 2023

Summary 2023

AGM Presentation February 2023

Knowle Society Report & Accounts 2022

Summary 2022

Knowle Society Report & Accounts 2021

Summary 2021

Knowle Society Report & Accounts 2020

Summary 2020