The Knowle Society

Knowle Society is very pleased to be able to inform the community of Knowle that this project is GO!

Following very successful and generous fundraising and negotiations with several potential suppliers and installers of new play equipment, agreement has been reached for the project to go ahead.  Orders have been placed for the following equipment (shown above) to greatly enhance the existing timeworn items and to extend the age range catered for. Facilities have also been designed to allow use by less able children.

2.4 Olympic Swing, Including, 2 Flat Seats, 1 Toddler Seat and 1 Inclusive Seat:

4m High Net Pyramid:

Titan Carousel with T Bar Hanger, Mirage Seat, Rope Ladder & 2 Pendulum Seats:

Mega Swing:

3 Tower Unit:

In addition to the above replacement and additional equipment, there will be improvements to the surfacing to improve safety and hard wearing, so the equipment will be more usable in the winter.

It is expected that work on site will begin on 12th July and be completed by 9th August (hopefully sooner).  We were hoping it would be done and dusted well before that, but shortages of materials has delayed deliveries of the play equipment.

Please note that, due to the dangerous nature of the works required, the playground will unfortunately be CLOSED during this period – it will be well worth waiting for!
Look out for the GRAND opening event.

Webinar – Monday 17th May, 7.30pm

The next Webinar in our series ‘Foreseeable Future’ turns the spotlight onto the village centre and local concerns that a number of empty shops means that Knowle may follow the perceived national trend of ‘High Streets in decline’.

Our guest speaker will say not. Chris Gregory is a specialist in Town Management and Business Improvement and a High Streets Task Force Expert. As a local resident, Chris has brought his expertise to the village as a Founder Director of Visit Knowle.

He will talk about Visit Knowle’s work in supporting the rejuvenation of our retail and business centre, how footfall can be encouraged, why he has confidence in Knowle’s future as a thriving, sustainable place to shop and do business and how we can all play our part.

Sign up to attend here.

Dave Pinwell


At the meeting of Solihull Council Planning Committee last night the application to demolish the garden centre and replace it with an ‘Extra-Care Facility’ was REFUSED.

The reasons given were:-
1. The proposed Extra Care Facility represents inappropriate development in the Green Belt. The Extra Care Facility would cause harm by definition to the Green Belt, have a significantly greater harm to openness and to the character and appearance of the Green Belt compared to the existing garden centre and other harm. The very special circumstances put forward by the applicant in support of the proposal do not clearly outweigh the harm to the Green Belt by reason of inappropriateness and the other harm resulting from the proposal.

The proposed development is therefore contrary to Policy P17 of the Solihull Local Plan, Policy VC1 of The Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Plan and guidance in the National Planning Policy Framework.

2. The proposed development does not promote the use of sustainable modes of transport when travelling to and from the application site and it is therefore likely that the development will be car dominant.

The development therefore fails to comply with Policy P7 of the Solihull Local Plan, Policy T3 of the Knowle, Dorridge Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Plan and paragraphs 108 and 110 of the NPPF.

3. The proposed development by reason of its scale, massing and disposition would impose a dramatic change to the character and appearance of the site causing additional urbanisation of the site that would have an adverse effect on the rural character and appearance of the area compared to the existing garden centre.

This would be contrary to Policy P15 and P17 of the Solihull Local Plan and Policy D1 of the Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Plan.