Webinar – Monday 14th June, 7.30pm

Our guest speaker for the final Webinar in our series ‘Foreseeable Future’ will be the Leader of the Council, Councillor Ian Courts. 

He will give his perspective on the future direction for Knowle, including matters we have covered in the previous sessions, and also set the future of Knowle within a view of the way ahead for Solihull as a borough, as he sees it.

The session will be chaired by Leighton Jones, who will then ask for answers to your questions to round off this series.

To join us on the night, sign up here:

The webinar (6) can now be viewed here:

We have also overcome the technical challenges which delayed publishing the recordings of the fourth and fifth Webinars. These were:- Leighton Jones meets Dr Mike Baker, Strategic Director of GPS Healthcare (Knowle Surgery) and Primary Care Lead for the Birmingham and Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group to discuss the current position with and future of health provision in GP surgeries.


and Dave Pinwell talks to Chris Gregory, founder Director of Visit Knowle. Chris is a specialist in Town Management and Business Improvement, a High Streets Task Force Expert as well as a Knowle resident.

(NB: These links will only work for a period of a few weeks, we are arranging some cloud storage for the record of this series and will issue details when the full set is available)