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The Annual General Meeting of the Knowle Society will be held at 3pm on Saturday 26th 2022 at Knowle Village Hall.  Please come along and play your part in the future course of the Society.

The formal Meeting will include the election of Officers and Trustees, as well as a report on the financial position of the Society as of September 2021.  Following the formal business, we will have a presentation by Ian Harvey of Civic Voice, the National body representing societies such as ours to Government.

This will be followed by an opportunity for you to discuss the future direction of the Society in the light of changes that have taken place in the past 60 years since we were founded.

Discussion Opportunity for Members following formal business of AGM on February 26th at 3pm in the Village HallFood for Thought – Strategy for the Future

The Trustees have been reviewing what we are doing as a Society as we approach our 60th anniversary and asking ourselves what the Society would be doing and look like during the next 10 years.  Briefly, our objective being to review:-

  • the achievements of the Society and try to envisage what the village may look like in the future ;
  • the structure of the Society for the way forward and our reliance on volunteers.

As part of these discussions, we realised the importance and the need to consult members for your thoughts/ ideas/ suggestions as to how best the Society moves forward particularly re:

  • Planning issues, new housing, the conservation area;
  • How the substantial funds (thanks to Mary Riley’s legacy) may be used to benefit Knowle for the future;
  • Working and collaboration with other local groups and Public Bodies e.g. SMBC Airport Transport;
  • Community participation and activities/events;
  • Recruiting and maintaining membership with the need for volunteers;
  • Our local history interests and archives;
  • Natural environment.