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How the Committee does its work

The planning committee is chaired by Andrew Marston (Knowle 774082) and its primary task is the monitoring of all planning applications in any way affecting the village (specifically Knowle Ward). This is mainly done via the updated website of Solihull M.B.C. which has several user-friendly links to the latest applications and the planning history of properties within the borough.

Composition and Activities of the Committee
The committee has monthly meetings of its six members when it discusses in detail new and existing planning applications. The criterion that is applied is whether or not in the view of the committee an application would have an adverse effect on the village and its environment or street scene. If it is felt that such an effect would be felt then in the first instance a letter of objection is written to the Council planning committee. As in the case of all such objections they are couched in planning terms exclusively.

Relationship with Solihull Council
We pride ourselves on a good relationship with Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council’s officers. Our three local councillors are invited to all meetings of Trustee Directors of the Society and a full exchange of views takes place. These meetings are very much within the ethos of the Planning Act of 2003 which emphasises the importance of local consultation on a verifiable basis.