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NEWSLETTER DISTRIBUTION : Your help needed please

There are two roles where we need help to ensure that Members receive their Newsletters each quarter.  One [Bulk Deliverers] is to deliver a batch of Newsletters to ten to fifteen of the Final Deliverers who actually take them to the individual Members. This requires transport as the boxes are fairly heavy. The other is that of the Final Deliverers who normally have 10 to 25 houses to deliver to – depending on how compact their Round is.  This can usually be done on foot or perhaps by car. Most of our existing volunteers have been doing this for some time and there is always a trickle who need to give up, so I have a number of Reserves who can cover.  However, I don’t have enough to ensure full coverage, so additional volunteers would be very welcome.  If you might be able to help out please get in touch at :- and I’ll explain more. Thanks, Leighton