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Trees in Knowle

The glory of Warwickshire is its trees. In mediaeval times Knowle was surrounded by the heaths and woodlands of the great Forest of Arden. Now, where fields have given way to housing estates, we are reminded of our ancient heritage by the magnificent, but isolated and fragile specimens which still abound round Knowle.

Some of the early trees we have planted are now beginning to grow, such as the Evergreen Oak behind the Bank House Hotel and the Copper Beech by the football ground. Major planting was carried out in Job’s Close Park for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977, with the aid of the Knowle school children. For the Society’s own Silver Jubilee in 1987, we planted a specimen Walnut tree near the Village Hall.

After the decimation of the Elm Avenue in Copt Heath from Dutch Elm Disease, we were able to encourage the Council to replant with forest trees, rather than with Silver Birch.

A tree survey, begun in 1987, lists every significant tree in the village; and gives protection, where appropriate, to those most vulnerable in a rapidly changing population.