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Bulb Planting Project

Bulb Planting Project

The Knowle Environment Enhancement Project is our exciting four-year project to enhance the entry roads to Knowle with profuse displays of spring flowers. Our vision is that, by the extensive planting of spring flowering bulbs, we will create and impressive and beautiful display lasting several months.

We aim to keep Knowle as a lovely place in which to live, work and pass through. Click on the image below or open the attached PDF file for a copy of the poster explaining the project. We are seeking support from the whole community of Knowle.

The First Planting
We are delighted to announce that on Tuesday 20th October we will begin planting the first phase of our four year bulb planting project. We have over 40,000 daffodil bulbs and crocus to plant in the grass verges along the Warwick Road on both sides of the Wychwood roundabout. This activity is Phase 1 of the larger project to plant bulbs along all the main road entrances into Knowle over the next few years. It has been made possible by generous donations from businesses and local residents.

We, with the team from Amey, will be setting up the site from 8.00am onwards and will finish around 5.30pm. Children from Knowle C of E Primary Academy will be starting the planting at about 10.00am on Tuesday morning, but we would love to have more volunteers to assist on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st October. We expect to have to work a full day on Tuesday. Rainbows and Brownies will be joining us at about 4.30pm and we aim to finish around 5.30pm. However, as this is the first time we have done anything on this scale we are not sure how long we will have to work on the Wednesday.

If you would like to be part of this project and be able to appreciate your work for years to come, please contact Liz Hulse by email at or telephone 01564 773951 and let her know when and for how long you would be able to help. There will be tasks to suit all abilities and we are happy for volunteers to help for as long as they are able, a couple of hours or all day.

Supporting the Project financially
If you would like to help with a donation please use the form attached below (Click on the image below or download the attached PDF file.) This form lists all the ways that you can give. Alternatively you can give here through our direct link to CAF Donate.

You can be sure that your donation will give you and many others considerable pleasure for many years to come.

Donors will, unless they request otherwise, be acknowledged in the Knowle Society newsletter. If you wish to make your donation in memory of a loved one, we can include their name.

Bulb Planting Areas