This is our First Online Meeting, join in and tell us what you think of this way of keeping in contact.

The Society is launching a short series of online meetings entitled ‘Foreseeable Future?’ looking at current proposals for change in our village. This will be the first.

Join us online from 7.30pm to 8.30pm on Monday 18th January when we will be joined by Gill Griggs who will acquaint us better with the two proposed Development Sites in Knowle in the Council’s Draft Local Plan.

Gill is a Member of the Society’s Planning Committee (also a member of the KDBH Neighbourhood Forum Team) and spent seven weeks before Christmas critically appraising the draft Local Plan and its implications for our area, contributing significantly to the Representations submitted by the Forum within the Consultation Period.

She will help us understand what is proposed for these sites, the likely housing densities, the suggested points of access from existing roads and footpaths, the potential implications for local services and any concerns about the viability of the plans.

The meeting will be using the Webinar Version of Zoom, for which installation of the widely used Zoom App (Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS) is recommended. Questions are invited in advance and may also be possible on the day.

Places are limited, so book your place today here.