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  • Exhibitions and Lectures
  • Tomorrow’s History
  • Names for Roads and Buildings
  • Other Services

Exhibitions and Lectures
Aspects of village life illustrated by recollections and items from the collection. Past favourites include ‘Village Shops of Yesterday’, ‘The Inns of Knowle’ and more.

Tomorrow’s History
Numerous scrap books from the early 1900s to the present day always attract great interest.

A photographic survey of all buildings of historic or architectural interest was completed in 1979.

All of our archive of photographs (over 3,000) have been copied and placed into albums to make them easier for the public to access and view. Copies of all of our photographs and indeed any other material in our archives can be ordered for a nominal charge, as detailed below.

Knowle Society archives are open to the public the first and third Saturday mornings of the month between 10am – 12.30pm. If this time is not convenient alternative arrangements can be made by contacting Peter & Betty Ewin on 01546 776381 or Ann Bower on 01564 775790.

Copies of items in our archives can be obtained for a nominal charge as detailed below, provided they are for personal use only. For any other use permission should be obtained from The Knowle Society by contacting one of the above numbers. Where permission is given for any other use, an acknowledgement to The Knowle Society would be expected.

All Rights Reserved

  • Photocopies (15p each)
  • Printed images (50p per postcard size)
  • Printed images (£1.00 per A4 size)
  • Printed images (£1. 50 per A3 size)
  • DVD/CD of up to 5 images (£5. 00 each + 50p each additional image)

Names for Roads and Buildings
The Society is pleased to make suggestions, usually based on our delightful old field names, our connections with Westminster Abbey or recalling prominent Knowle families.

Other Services
We can arrange walks round the village

We can supply local organisations and businesses with photographs, small exhibitions, etc.

Family History

Assistance is given to people with a local connection in researching their family history as it applies to Knowle.

The Society’s Archive is indexed with local names wherever possible to assist this researching.

Good sources of material within the Archive (the index of which may be searched online) are estate brochures and scrapbooks.

Oral History

Memories of old Knowle both on tape or CD and transcribed from interviews.

A questionnaire is available to make a ‘Write It Yourself’ memoir easy to compile. Some people prefer to write their memories in book form.

Schools and Colleges

Volunteers have occasionally assisted Knowle Primary School with local history projects within the national curriculum.

We also supply information and material, and the collection is an additional resource for students at all levels.