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Membership Application

Membership is by way of an annual donation collected by direct debit with a suggested minimum of £5 for a single person and £7 for joint persons residing at the same address.

The Knowle Society is committed to safeguarding the privacy of your personal data.

Further details can be seen here.

Please complete the following form and then press the “submit” button to take you to the Direct Debit application.

The red asterisks * indicate required data.

The Society is run by volunteers and always has a range of opportunities for members to help. We also welcome any help if you have specific skills which might be useful. Areas where we are currently looking for volunteers include: Community Services (ie: traffic matters, village facilities, airport concerns, transport etc.), Local History, Meetings & Social, Events, Planning and Natural Environment or Newsletter Distribution If you would be interested in getting involved either for a few hours or on a regular basis please tick the box:

The payment will appear as “Charity Donation” on your bank statement and will automatically renew each year.

Any enquiries can be made by email or post to the Membership Secretary:
Leighton Jones, 23 Newton Road, Knowle, B93 9HL

Phone : 01564 773894

In the very unlikely event of the Society closing down, each member agrees to pay a maximum of one pound towards any outstanding debts which the Society may have at that time. This is a normal legal requirement of organisations like ours which are limited by guarantee and any liability would not exceed one pound. 

See the Memorandum of Association clause 7.