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Click here for latest project update 2 April 2016

Knowle Society’s project to protect the land being released by the abandonment of the long planned Knowle By-pass is moving on apace. The best way to achieve this protection is to register the land as a village green.

What action is needed?
In order to achieve that, we have to demonstrate that local people have used sections of the land on the former route of the By-pass for at least 20 years for what is called ‘lawful purposes’ (you decide what this covers!) We also need to show that they did so believing that they had a right to do so. There is no requirement for each person to have used it for the whole of the 20 years, or to have used it particularly often; it is the total use by the community that counts. Everyone’s use, even occasionally, will count. From what we have been told by many locals, these two conditions can be amply covered.

How can you help?
We now need all those who can honestly say that they used some of the land in accordance with these conditions to complete the accompanying form (Issued questionnaire with map.doc) using the Guidance notes to help you (Guidance notes.doc) – copies attached below.

The completed form can be scanned and submitted by email (prefix the usual with environment) or the hard copy placed in the box in Eric Lyons’ butchers in the village. Hard copies are also available there.

The areas to be registered
The only three areas of the former route that have been used in a such way that they could be registered as a village green are:-

The land from the Wychwood roundabout running south between the Langfield estate and Newton Road. (pictures A1, A2 & A3). This is a long narrow strip alongside Purnells Brook, some 500 yards long and 40 yards wide. It’s well used by dog walkers and others and especially by children playing and den building.

This is the area known as the Local Nature Reserve in Job’s Close Park. (pictures C1, C2 & C3) It is particularly valuable as a green space for its wealth of wildlife.

This is the area of rough grassland with mature trees leading from Starbold Crescent to the park. (Pictures D1 & D2) It forms a direct route into the park for the residents of Starbold Crescent, Purnells Way and Barcheston Road.

The areas are shown on the map (knowle relief road v5x marked copy.jpg) copy attached below. A key to the pictures is listed at the bottom of this item.

As the three areas are separated we have to make three applications for registration. This means that anyone who has used two or three of the areas will need to complete that number of forms please, so they can be submitted one with each application.



Area ‘A’ (Northern section of the former By-pass route)
A1 – Looking south from the Wychwood roundabout;

A2 – Looking south, showing part of the extent of the land forming the former route of the By-pass;

A3 – One of the children’s dens, showing the value of the land to local children.


Area ‘C’ (The Nature Reserve)
C1 – The bridge across Purnell’s Brook into the Nature Reserve;

C2 – Looking south in the Nature Reserve, the wall separating it from the

Landor road estate visible on the right;
C3 – Southern section of the rough grassland in the Nature Reserve looking south.


Area ‘D’ (Access to the Park from Starbold Crescent
D1 – Between Starbold Crescent and the park showing the worn grass, evidence of much use;

D2 – Between Starbold Crescent and the park, the flats in St Lawrence Close visible on the right.


Issued questionnaire with map

Guidance notes