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Direct Debits

The Society is now offering payment of your membership subscription using a direct debit as an alternative to paying your Newsletter distributor at the door.

Existing members can choose to switch their method of payment from cash to direct debit.

Why switch?

For the member, switching is easy online and involves a simple application through our partnership with the Charities Aid Foundation.

The process is quick and should you wish to gift aid your membership subscription, this involves a single tick box.

The process only needs to be done once to set up the direct debit and involves no need for paper application forms.

For the Society, the process is handled automatically by the Charities Aid Foundation, making our administration much simpler and more streamlined.

If you need to make any changes to your direct debit, please email

The Society is able to vary the amount collected by giving you prior notice of any change, unlike a standing order which requires replacing for any change of payment.

Please have a look at the application process here first:

Click here to start

The direct debit payment will appear as “Charity Donation” on your bank statement.