Solihull Council understands that this can be difficult and has local teams who can arrange help and support.  From 24 June 2021 people earning up to £26,000 a year are now eligible to apply for a £500 support payment, which was previously only available to those earning up to £13,400. Other help could be anything from financial help to shopping vouchers and priority delivery slots to fuel top ups. Even help with dog walking!

If you’re experiencing financial hardship we can help with white goods, like fridge replacements too. We can also provide emotional support and have people on hand for a friendly chat if you’re struggling with self-isolation.

As lockdown eases over the coming months it’s going to be even more important to self-isolate when asked to. It’s not easy, but by self-isolating you’ll be helping everyone to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

So please – if you need help, just call 0121 704 6793 or visit the Council website.