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The Knowle Society:

  • is strictly apolitical
  • is accountable only to our members, but we aim to give a public service
  • is a member of Civic Voice and of the West Midlands Amenity Societies Association, through which we have an independent line to the government
  • seeks to be effective by adopting a non-combative style within the legal framework, pressing for changes in the law if necessary
  • makes constructive suggestions, regarding both individual planning applications and wider issues, aiming to discuss proposals with all interested parties from an early stage
  • has good relations with Solihull M.B.C. and an acknowledged voice. Whilst always expressing an independent opinion, we see our relationship with the Council as a partnership from which both sides can benefit, supporting our local councillors when appropriate
  • is happy to engage in joint ventures with the Council, such as the local history centre, the nature reserve, the hanging baskets and floral displays in High Street, the water butt
  • supports village events such as festivals and jubilees, has contributed financially to occasional local appeals and has provided the Christmas tree since 1975
  • believes Knowle can derive great benefit from the whole village working together, especially the larger organisations
  • aims for a high membership to maximise influence, and in mid-2009 represented about 40% of the Knowle electorate(*). We do not release our membership list to anyone.
  • is financially independent. Although pleased to receive the occasional grant, we do not accept either sponsorship or advertising, nor is our literature used by third parties.

(*) Based on members with B93 addresses (slightly wider than Knowle Ward) compared with the size of the Knowle electorate (10,186 in mid-2009). It is recognised that many people living outside Knowle Ward may visit the village regularly and be concerned for its future well-being.

See also The Knowle Society’s Memorandum and Articles.