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Communication with members and the community

  • Communication to members is through the Newsletter, this website and increasingly through email. Doorstep Newsletter deliveries and receipt of membership subscriptions are also valuable contacts with members, supported by a large team of bulk distributors and local distributors.
  • The Trustee Company holds all these groups together and includes the Officers of the Society and the Chairmen of each Committee. It is the policy making body of the Society and its members are known as Trustee Directors.
  • There is an Annual General Meeting in February * at which members elect the Officers and Directors and vote on policy.
  • Notice of the AGM and reports from each committee are published in the October newsletter.
  • A nomination form is available on this website and may also be published in the newsletter.
  • A card containing the programme of events for the ensuing year and contact details of the officers and committee chairmen is published in January. Committee membership and representation on outside bodies is also updated annually in the newsletter.
  • The Society’s website had a forum for members and others to express their views on various relevant topics however this little-used facility has now been withdrawn.
  • Replacing the forum the Society now has a presence on the two new social media websites, Facebook and Twitter.
  • All general meetings of the Society begin with an opportunity for the audience to raise questions and topics of concern, often in response to brief updates on planning and other Society matters by the relevant committee chairmen.
  • A Publicity Officer issues releases for the local press and other media.

* Until 2010 the AGM was held in November. There was no AGM in 2011 and 2021, AGMs were held in February from 2012.