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How did it start?

  • Whilst the records are incomplete, from the information available it appears that in early 1962, Mr Sydney Bryson called a meeting of interested parties in the Village Hall on the 26th March 1962 to discuss the formation of a society for the purpose of “maintaining a watching brief on local developments, preservation of the character of the village and generally promoting a greater interest in the activities of such local affairs as education, health facilities, historical records and so on”.
  • A steering group was elected: The Squire Horace Everitt, Dr R J Bower, Mrs WCC Gell, Councillors Whittaker and Arthur Hardcastle, Michael Hennesey and Sydney Bryson as acting Secretary. This led to a public meeting to form ‘The Knowle Society’ on the 27th June 1962. A constitution was agreed and the first meeting of the newly elected committee was held on the 8th October 1962.
  • By June 1962 The Knowle Society had been formed, under the presidency of the Squire, Mr Horace Everitt, and the chairmanship of Dr Ronald J Bower.