The Knowle Society

The AGM was due to be held this coming Saturday, February 22.  However, at the point where we had to decide whether to hold the usual meeting or not, the situation with the pandemic was such that gatherings of any sort were not permitted.

The Charity Commission granted permission for the Society not to hold an actual meeting, as long as the essential matters were communicated to Members.  This was done in the January Newsletter.  The Trustees agreed that in the circumstances, the AGM would be cancelled and that all Trustees would carry on in their existing posts.

We are sorry not to be able to meet with you as usual, but we’ll carry on our activities as best we can and look forward to next year.


The Council has published initial proposals and options for a “temporary” cycle-way between the centre of Knowle. The options include possibly running it along the Warwick Rd where the existing cycle-way is; or on the Warwick Rd service road; or on Newton Road and through the park and St John’s Close, although this latter option is particularly vague.  As is usual these days, the consultation has been advertised only on the Council’s website.  It can be obtained through this link:-
which does have a few details of the proposal as it affects Knowle.  It would be good if you could look at these proposals and respond to the survey.  Unfortunately it does not allow you to make any actual comments.  The Society will be making its representations in due course.


[It’s all ‘consultations’ today!]

The Council recognises that residential backland developments [‘windfall’ sites in already developed areas such as back gardens] have a role to play in delivering housing targets for the borough. However, they also have the potential of creating significant adverse impacts in the communities where they are located.
It has therefore published a Supplementary Planning Document which is intended to explain how backland and related infill developments can be designed to protect and enhance existing residential areas.  It is asking for comments on this document before adopting it as part of the planning rules.

You can find the document here :-


It has been good to see so many people walking around Knowle and the country lanes nearby.  What has not been so good is the amount of litter a few of them [I hope not you] are leaving scattered around the village and countryside.  Many people (Members of Knowle & Dorridge Lions and individuals) are struggling valiantly to control the flood, but they should not have to.  It is particularly bad around the Guild House and Church, where there seems to have been a tsunami of Costa coffee cups.  Yes, the bins are always full, but why don’t people take the empty cups home with them, or find another bin?  The staff from Costa do clear up any left outside their shop, but it isn’t their job to clear up the village.
If you can help in any way, please do so (while following safe practice of course.)