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Online Monday Talks

The talk held last Monday was about the Council’s proposals for the major housing developments in Knowle.  It was very well attended and appreciated by those who listened in.  This has given us the impetus to continue the programme with another two talks on associated topics.

The title of the next talk, on Monday Feb 15th, will be ‘The Knowle Transport Study‘.  This was commissioned by the Council to investigate the current and future  transport needs in Knowle in anticipation of their proposals for the additional housing.

Bookings for this talk are now open. Please click here to register.

The one after, on Monday Mar 15th, will be ‘The New Arden Academy’, the proposed new school which would be part of the new developments south of Station Road.  The speaker will be Martin Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of the Arden Academy Trust.

Look out for the registration information which will be provided in following emails.


Are you interested in our natural surroundings?  Do you have a little time to help it thrive? The Society’s Natural Environment Committee are very keen to boost its pool of volunteers so they can achieve their aims of enhancing Knowle and protecting our wildlife and plants.

If you’d like to know more, email
This is not an onerous thing to take on, you just need to be available when it is convenient to you.  The more volunteers, the more that can be achieved.



The Solihull Local Plan is reaching the end of its development.  It includes two major housing developments in Knowle and relocation of Knowle Football Club.

We are running an online talk on Monday 18 January to explain the current plans and their impact on the area.  If you want to be up to date and understand what is likely to come, listen in on Monday.

Register beforehand here to receive the login details.

Visit Knowle – Planned High Street Investment

Visit Knowle has been awarded £17,000 by Solihull Council from the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Fund. It is planned to invest our village centre with seating and planting and maybe more in the form of a ‘Parklet’.

What is a ‘parklet’? Where is it suggested that this might be done? Find out by watching the short video at :-

Your views are important. Visit Knowle would like you to help by completing a short survey at :-
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