Waitrose Store proposed application – documents

A public exhibition was held in the Village Hall on Saturday 25th August 2012 in which the initial, first and second versions of the proposed application were presented for comparison. The exhibition was extremely well attended – well over 500 people – with members of the Society’s Planning Committee being fully engaged in answering questions from members of the Society and the general public. The exhibition included a significant list of amendments to the plans which have been ‘won’ by the Society being in discussion with the developers (attached below). Whether or not the proposal is approved, the Society aimed to get the best possible outcome for the community.


Three of the most informative plans are also attached here, the proposed finished site plan, the elevations of the food store and the site landscaping plan.

CLDL-2200-02 RevC landscape masterplan

Feedback form 2012 v2

PL 1110 – Proposed Site Plan

PL 1312 – Proposed Waitrose Elevations

Society ‘wins’ in Kimberley negotiations