Waitrose – first steps begun


Visible evidence of the first steps being taken in the significant ‘Waitrose’ development were seen in the car park of the ‘Red Lion’ today, Monday 7th October 2013. The hedge of the former bowling green that borders the car park was being cut down; our photo shows this work with the High Street being on the back left of the viewer.

The works being shown in this photograph are only the initial preparatory stage. It is likely that nothing much else will be done until around Easter next year, as a few final details still have to be agreed.

We understand that part of these works is to move a protected animal species so the development, which has planning permission, can go ahead and that this is a suitable time of year to do so. The Council was well aware of the presence of the animals when they granted planning permission and one of the conditions of approval was that they should be handled in accordance with the law. After consideration of the issues, Natural England has granted a licence for the removal and re-homing of the animals and the work is being supervised by a qualified person.