As of this morning, there has only been one confirmed case in Solihull. Many others are much worse off, and we should expect an increase.  Following the guidance to reduce contact with other people as much as possible will help to reduce the rate of increase.
The best source for advice is the Government website :

Corona virus advice

DO NOT BELIEVE MOST OF THE STORIES ON THE INTERNET. Some may have a kernel of truth, but many of them are completely misleading and may be dangerous.

Locally, many shops are offering a delivery service, so PLEASE use them if you can.  It’s very much a matter ‘USE THEM OR LOSE THEM’.  They really need our custom now even more than in normal times.  They are probably more reliable than the big supermarkets, who have NO delivery slots in the next 3 weeks!  The big supermarkets have tried restricted access for vulnerable customers only, for the first hour, but that doesn’t seem to have worked this morning.

There are many excellent groups springing up locally to provide help to those who need it. Some are to be found on Facebook, others are putting notes through doors offering to do your shopping.  These are excellent, but BE CAREFUL, there are the usual criminals taking advantage to scam you, including some who claim to be from an official source doing virus testing to get access to your home.

Your Society has had to react to the situation like everyone else.  The walk on the 29th has been cancelled, as have the next few Monday Meetings.  Details will be in the April edition of the Newsletter which will be out in a couple of weeks.  Many of our normal distributors are restricted in their movements, so we would be grateful for those at lower risk to volunteer to help out.  You will only need to put the Newsletter through the doors, no contact with the residents is needed. If you can help please reply to this email or contact

Solihull Council are suspending Green Waste collections, due to start next week.  They hope to start again after Easter, but that’s not certain.

You may have noticed a real absence of aircraft movements recently – what a surprise!.  This may not last.  The Military are on standby to help and we will probably have helicopters stationed at the airport to help evacuation of patients.  They need to carry out training to ensure they can operate in all weathers in our airspace, so you’ll hear more of them. In poor weather they will need to fly low, so could be noisy.  Some commercial aircraft will also be flying as pilots need to keep their flying hours up so they stay qualified to fly.