The audience for June’s Knowle Society talk on 18 June is certain to go home amused and entertained, having listened to a speaker who collects ‘Tuneful Tubes’ likes others collect coins or comic books.
David Wornham has a collection of over 300 musical pipes and he never comes to a speaking engagement without a boot full.
From playing cornet in the school orchestra and local town band, through bugle and military flute in the Army Cadet Force, he now plays in four local concert bands and is a dab hand at the euphonium.
But he cannot pick up a pipe without trying to get a sound out of it and his light hearted world-wide history of musical wind instruments talk will be richly illustrated by the sound of instruments from the pride of the classical orchestra to one improvised from a length of hose.
All are welcome to join us at 8pm on 18 June in the Village Hall for what promises to be a most memorable evening.

Our apologies to those who came last month expecting to be enlightened about the ‘Value of Trees’.  We have been unable to contact the speaker who didn’t turn up, so must assume that something dramatic has happened to him.