Revised planning applications submitted by Kimberley Developments

Leighton Jones, Deputy Chairman of The Knowle Society and Chairman of its Planning Committee will now be working with his committee to study the many substantial documents included in the three planning applications submitted in connection with the proposed Waitrose store development in Knowle.

These applications may be viewed on the Solihull Council website as numbers 2011/1555 2011/1556 and 2011/1557 (the first two are for parking spaces, the third is the main foodstore application).

The Society will not be making any formal comment until these applications have been given a full and careful review by the Society’s planning committee, note taken of any comments made by members in person, by letter or on its website’s Forum and a public meeting is also held. Arrangements for the public meeting are being made and will be announced on this website as soon as details are known. Finally the Society’s Trustee Directors will review the results of all the above findings and will issue a formal statement.

Leighton Jones was quoted in the Solihull News of 7th October saying “I think I would be willing to say that the developers have made a significant improvement [over the initial application which was withdrawn] but there are still a lot of details we need to look at. We need to study the application as it’s a major application as far as Knowle is concerned.”