Public display & meeting about Kimberley/Waitrose development plans


A new application has been made for a modified scheme to build a Waitrose food store in Knowle, together with associated car parking, replacement bungalows, external alterations to the village hall and delivery access from Station Road. In order to allow residents to understand the proposals and give their views on them, The Knowle Society has arranged two public events (Read more for details).

The first will be at Knowle Village Hall between 7pm and 9pm on Thursday 3rd November. On this evening copies of the plans and supporting documents will be available for study. Members of the Society’s planning committee will be in attendance to help with interpreting the details of the plans. You will be able to submit questions and record your comments.

The second event will take place on the evening of Friday 4th November, also at the Village Hall between 7pm and 9pm. At this time you will be able to hear from the developers about their plans and to ask questions. Present will be Philip Pearce from Kimberley Ltd. the developers, Dean Guy, their architect and also a representative of Waitrose. At the end of the meeting you will be able to record your comments.

Your comments can also be made by emailing or on the Forum on this website if you would like your views to be more widely known. Locate ‘Current forum topics’ at the top right of this web page then select ‘Kimberley/Waitrose revised proposal’ and decide whether to post a comment anonymously or signed – generally speaking named comments carry slightly more weight than anonymous ones. Comments may be made by anyone, whether a member of The Knowle Society or not. They do not appear on the site immediately because they are first checked by the editor who has to weed out a far larger number of ‘spam’ comments from distant parts of the world! You can of course also make comments directly to the Council by letter or on their website.