As you may well know, the Council passed a proposal in June to remove all free parking in the car parks in Knowle.

Once this became known, the Society and others strongly objected to the proposals and to the complete lack of consultation with the Society or with the local traders.  We have since been working with our Councillors and Council Officers to ameliorate the impact.  As a result, the Council agreed to review the position and has come up with three alternative charging schemes.  These are to be put to the reconvened Committee on Thursday and we hope that at least some free parking period will be accepted.

The revised proposals are:-

 Option A – Proceed with the original scheme to remove the 2 hour free period and introduce a 20p per hour charge for the first two hours.

 Option B – Retain a free 1 hour period and introduce a 40p charge for the second hour, and increase the existing charge for the other tariff bands by 20p.

 Option C – Retain a free 30 minute period and introduce a 20p per hour charge across the rest of the tariff bands up to 6 hours.

The responsible Officer has recommended that Option C be chosen.  Andrew Marston, our Chairman, will be addressing the Committee and strongly urging that Option B be chosen.  We hope that this will be supported by our Councillors.