The Knowle Society has made several submissions to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC) on the proposal for a Waitrose store in Knowle and its associated works:

  • Initial response on car parking proposals with calculations of the car parking provision based on the initial layout (there have been a few changes since) (13 Nov 2011);
  • Final response to the initial proposals (07 Dec 2011);
  • Note for the Conservation Advisory Committee (CAC) of SMBC for a meeting held before the plans were finalised. Following this the CAC refused to consider the application and asked for another meeting once they had been received (12 Feb 2012). This meeting was listed for 12 September 2012;
  • Landscaping concerns for the same meeting;
  • Three other documents being the final submissions for the Council to take note of before coming to a decision.

These documents may be downloaded below.

St John’s Close development 2011 – Initial response to SMBC (car parking provision)

St John’s Close development 2011 – Final response to SMBC

Note for CAC – ltj

KS – SMBC 1555 310612

KS – SMBC 1556 310612

KS – SMBC 1557 310612