Photo Competiton Winners


Lucinda Baker (right) and Sophie Leonard (left) of Arden Academy – joint winners of the Society’s Youth Photo Competition Knowle as I see it pictured with Peter Ewin (Knowle Society, left), Pauline Astle (Head of Art, Arden) & Bill Bohanna (Knowle Society, right).

On the 12th July, Society chairman, Peter Ewin and Bill Bohanna who is responsible for the Society’s Community Liaison and is now a Community Governor at Arden presented the prizes in our photo competition. Some 16 entries had been submitted by pupils at Arden and the standard of entry was so high that it was decided to present two prizes. Incidentally, these were donated anonymously.

The winning entries which both showed imagination and good technical skill were submitted by Lucinda Baker and Sophie Leonard. Lucinda is from year 12 and Sophie is from year 8.

It was a great pleasure to be involved in this first real attempt to involve some of our highly talented youngsters in the Society and we hope very much that we are able to build on these small beginnings and create a real and lasting bridge between Arden and the Society – the two biggest bodies in Knowle – to mutual benefit.

As previously referred to in the newsletter we are anxious to start a youth group as part of the Society and we sincerely hope that this competition will lead to just that. Indications on students’ personal statements on University applications that they have been involved in community activities would surely stand them in very good stead and the Society and the village as a whole will benefit from enthusiastic youngsters being involved in such activities.

[Attached below are the winning photographs (the like and dislike images of each joint winner) and the presentations made at Arden Academy’s assembly. Lucinda is shown pictured with Chairman Peter Ewin and Sophie is pictured with Community Liaison/Community Governor Bill Bohanna.]