Matters discussed by the Trustee Directors in June 2009

The Trustee Directors decided at their May 2009 meeting to report the topics that were discussed at their committee meetings. This is the second such report. Discussion on Society matters is welcomed on the ‘Forum’.

In order of discussion:

1. Update on Knowle Green Community Project – initial planning steps commencing.

2. Plans for the Society’s part in the Knowle Festival in June.

3. Safe Routes to School project update – continued concern about aspects of the handling of this project – noted assurance of senior Council officials that the project is not ‘set in stone’ – discussed plans for the agreed public meeting.

4. Bus Timetable changes – report on recent timetable changes – not much change for travel between Knowle and Solihull – adherence to schedules improving – levels of passengers below economic threshold.

5. Christmas Lights – successful meeting held to plan for this Christmas – investigation proposed (at the recommendation of the police) into temporarily closing the stretch of the Kenilworth Road in front of the church.

6. Received report from the Treasurer.

7. Received updates from and had helpful discussions with two Councillors.

8. Updates on Marina planning application and Sainsburys and Waitrose projects – no news this month. Growing concerns about traffic (lorries and cars) that will pass through Knowle to get to Sainsbury’s in Dorridge.

9. Received report from Community Services committee.

10. Received report from Meetings & Social committee – discussed presentations by speakers at main meetings.

11. Received report from Local History committee.

12. Received report from Newsletter and Website editor.

13. Discussed implementation of new drive to get members to use Standing Orders.

What is Solhull Council planning for waste management this autumn?


Jim Harte, Transport, Highways & the Environment, Solihull Council will be giving a brief presentation on the plans for introducing new waste and recycling facilities in Solihull in the Autumn.

The presentation will take place at the start of the Society’s existing meeting on Energy Saving, in the Village Hall at 8pm on Monday 20th July. It will cover the plans for replacement wheelie bins for the existing black sacks and new provision for cardboard and tin collections.

New Bus Timetables

The revised bus timetables from Knowle to Solihull (and return) are now available on this site.

The new timetables for the S2 and S3 may be found from the home page link to ‘Community Services’ and then to ‘Buses’. These became effective from 31 May 2009. There are some minor changes to bus numbers, e.g. no S802 or S3E now, but instead S2A and S2C have been added. Please note that the times of S2 buses have been slightly changed from the initial postings on this website of the new arrangement because the printed and online Network West Midlands timetables differed and both contain different errors – we have now used the best information from both sources! Compared with the pre-31 May timetable, there are negligible if any changes to times as far as Knowle-Solihull-Knowle journeys are concerned – only service numbers have changed. The further issue of new timetables on 17th June only corrects typographical errors in the online and printed timetables, meanwhile The Knowle Society compilation issued after the 31st May revisions, remains correct. [This update 22 June 09]

Public Meeting about Safe Routes To School at Knowle

The Knowle Society is delighted to announce that SMBC has agreed to work with the Society in holding a public meeting about the controversial Safe Routes To School proposal for Arden School. This is to be held at 7.30pm on Thursday 16th July [NOT 19th June as earlier notified] in Knowle Village Hall. Exhibition available from 6.30pm.

All points of view will be considered in the questions, however it would be a great help to the Chairman if you were able to outline in advance the nature/import (not the full content) of your question or the point you wish to make. This is not an obligation but in practice your point would be more likely to be given airtime if there are a lot of people wishing to speak. Please email the meeting chairman at – the chairman of the meeting who has been agreed by both SMBC and The Knowle Society, will be Dave Pinwell, CEO of Solihull SUSTAiN and a Trustee Director of The Knowle Society.

Sainsbury store proposal in Dorridge

How is The Knowle Society planning to be involved in the discussions concerning this proposed development?

A planning application is expected to be submitted to Solihull MBC in the near future for the construction of a supermarket for Sainsbury in Dorridge. This has been widely mentioned in the press and a public consultation meeting has been held. At these it has been explained that the proposal will involve the replacement of Forest Court and the incorporation of the large car park behind into the store.

As this development is in Dorridge, it is outside the area which Knowle Society normally considers to be of direct interest. However it seems clear that the development has the potential to impact on the success of shops in Knowle and that much of the traffic attracted by the store is very likely to pass through Knowle. On this basis we have decided to pay close attention to these aspects and have accordingly met with representatives of Sainsbury to ensure that we are fully aware of the progression of their planning. This contact is being continued, especially as regards the routes to be followed by lorries supplying the store. It seems at the moment that these will pass through Knowle by some route. It will not be possible to see what effect we have had on the proposals until the planning application has been submitted. When this happens we will have another very large list of documents to understand before we can make our submission to the Council.

The plans as they were at the time of the public consultation in 2008 can be viewed by pasting this URL into your web browser:
We understand that some changes have been made to the plans since that time.