Changes at the 2008 AGM

Several of the Society’s long-standing Trustee Directors stood down or moved to different roles at the AGM on 24th November and two new Directors were elected. The Society also announced that it is offering a new membership category of Corporate Member.

The new Officers are: Chairman – Peter Ewin; Deputy Chairman – Leighton Jones; Treasurer – Peter Johnson and Secretary – Andrew Marston. New chairmen of committees are Janet Erzen – History and Charles Robinson – Meetings & Social. Derek Mellor continues as Membership Secretary but has stepped down as a Trustee Director. The new membership category of Corporate Member (with one vote) has been set with a subscription of five times the current family membership, i.e. 5 x 5 pounds = 25 pounds.

Successful return of daytime meetings

66 people turned out for the Society’s first daytime meeting for several years and enjoyed a fascinating illustrated story by Colin Smith, a former chairman of the Society, of how Knowle grew from almost nobody at the time of the Domesday Book to 10500 in 2008.

How well do you know Knowle – try our photo quiz?


Our 2008 Social Event was a quiz night held on 20th October at Knowle

Village Hall. Why not try it yourself


Fifty seven people in 10 teams took part in a close fought competition, the winning team triumphing by just one point. One challenge was to identify some of the notable buildings in the centre of Knowle from a set of photographs of small parts of them.

The results were:
Hit & Miss 64; Martin 54; Pick ‘n’ Mix 65; The Dough Boys ‘n’ Girls 55; The Utopians 56; OddBods 68; Chantry Heathens 74; Last Lot 70; Enigma 71; Throstles & Robins 73

Click on the link for the quiz questions. To see the answers go to the news item above.

Answers to the Picture Quiz

Click on the link for the answers to the questions in the item below – but don’t do it until you have tried the questions first!

On Yer Bike!


Cycle routes are being proposed for Jobs Close (Knowle Park). All the paths except the newest one would be widened and split by white-lining into separate pedestrian and cycle paths. This is part of “Safer Routes to School – Arden School. A Government initiative”. The first stage is the approach to the School along St Lawrence Close and Station Road.

Subject to a (possible) forthcoming public consultation, two cycleways will be marked out across the Park, also known as Jobs Close Park, as a part of the “Safer Routes to School” initiative.

There is a national drive to get people out of cars and onto bikes, both to cut carbon emissions and to increase cycling as a healthy activity. So, over recent years, cycleways have been introduced into a number of Parks in the borough, providing improved access for those passing through on their journeys to work and school and to provide a safe place to ride for Park users at leisure.

Detailed proposals for this approach to be extended to Knowle were approved by Solihull’s Cabinet Member for Quality of Life and Neighbourhoods in September. These would permit cycling on each of hard landscaped paths through the park except the ‘new’ one, which follows Purnells Brook between the lower entrances.

The proposal calls for the widening of the two paths from the Landor Road entrance to the St Lawrence Close entrance and along the top of the Park by the allotments and tennis courts, to safely accommodate use by both cyclists and pedestrians.

Carl Chinn fills the school hall


The long awaited visit by Carl Chinn was rewarded with a large and enthusiastic audience.

Thursday 9th Oct was an unusual night for a Knowle Society meeting, as was meeting at Arden School, but there was a good reason. After 3 years of trying we were at last to be treated to a presentation from Carl Chinn, the celebrated Birmingham historian. The wait was well worth it, as the 150 plus in the audience will tell you. See the scrum at the end to speak to Carl one-to-one and to buy his books.