Precinct flower beds given a ‘makeover’

Members of the Society led by its Natural Environment committee worked over three days this month to tidy up the four big raised flower beds in Knowle Precinct which had become a little tired. After removing fifty black sacks of green waste and adding a significant number of new plants, the consensus from passers-by was that it was a job well done. Encouragement, sustenance and access to taps for watering were freely offered by precinct traders and great support was received from the Council and its contractor Amey, even the Council’s political wing got stuck in as well.

The project was ably led by Lilla Baker and it is hoped that the end result gives pleasure to all and better business for our traders. We do know for sure that the result was hugely appreciated by an army of caterpillars that appeared soon afterwards but Lilla led a pincer action with her bug gun!

Large ash tree lost to a root fungus

The wonderful ash tree that stood at the corner of the churchyard, school entrance and car park was regrettably deemed an incurable victim of root fungal rotting (Ganoderma) and because of its particularly public position could not be allowed to remain as a known risk.

Pigs are flying again!

We can now confirm that this popular event has been re-scheduled for Saturday 3rd October. We are assured that precautions have been taken to prevent a recurrence of the previous infection!