An update on the KVHA fund raising programme for the coming year. [We hope that you are finding the changes in lighting, heating, windows etc. satisfactory so far but we still have a lot more to do.]

We are, therefore, “kicking off “the year with a Valentine’s Quiz Night on Thursday, February 15th at 7.30 p.m at the Hall. Tickets cost £6.00 per person and teams can be up to 6 people. There will be light refreshments available but, as usual, bring your own “liquid”refreshment.
Tickets from Stephen Yeomans 01564778163 It’s good fun so please try to field a team.


On Saturday, March 24th there will be a “Colours” Ladies Fashion Show and pop-up Shop ( ex High Street fashions at good prices) Tickets, to be purchased in advance, cost £7.00 including refreshments on arrival, and there is also a Grand Raffle. Doors at the Village Hall open at 1.30p.m and the show starts at 2p.m You can get tickets from Stephen Yeomans01564778163, Carolyn on 01564779898 or from  Royle’s Household in Knowle precinct.
KVHA Committee

Maintaining Public Health in the 21st Century

A talk by Sara Rooney

Monday 15th January, 8.00pm, Knowle Village Hall

In a preface to Martin Chuzzlewit, written in November 1849, Charles Dickens wrote: “In all my writings, I hope I have taken every available opportunity to showing the want of sanitary improvements in the neglected dwellings of the poor”.

This was particularly the case when in 1853, in Bleak House, he wrote of “deadly stains contaminating [a character’s] dress” and “dungeon lights burning, as the lamp of life hums ….. heavily, heavily, in the nauseous air, and winking . . . at many horrible things.”

 Here was a public voice of the pressures that drove the emergence of public health professionals, alongside sanitation engineers, in the mid-1800s in a quest to eradicate cholera and other infectious diseases.

 Today, at a time when our health system is creaking badly, the role of public health professionals has changed – but remains that of tackling widespread threats to health in order to reduce the pressures on medical resources and keep people healthier and happier. But what are these 21st century perils? How are they being addressed? And could we, as citizens, help in any way?

 Come and explore this modern equivalent of a Dickensian scourge at our January Speaker Meeting. All welcome.


This year Braggs are collecting people’s Christmas cards. 

For every 2,000 cards that they receive, they will dedicate a new tree to The Woodlands Trust.   If you have not already recycled your Christmas cards, please take them into Braggs so that they can add them to their collection.

Kayleigh Hughes

Funeral Arranger


Thomas Bragg and Sons

1682 High Street, Knowle B93 0LY

01564 77 3610

Knowle Streamside Trust Management Committee

The Knowle Streamside Trust manages a tract of woodland to the rear of Wychwood Avenue, Knowle, and The Management Committee reports to Solihull Council as Trustees. The Management Committee is made up of the 3 Ward Councillors and 3 elected members resident in Knowle and holds its meetings in Knowle Library. The term of office is 3 years and the term for the current resident members expires on 31st March 2018.  Anybody who is interested in becoming a member can register their interest with the Public Realm Team at  Full details of the role of members and the application process opens in the document “Advertisement”. The chair of the Knowle Streamside Trust (Councillor Alan Rebeiro) would also be happy to discuss the duties and responsibilities of the Management Committee –

Full details here



2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Knowle Conservation Area, in which the Society played a major part.  It covers most of the High Street and parts of the roads adjoining it.  The establishment has had a great influence in preserving the best of this area and in guiding the developments to protect its character.

The document describing the Area and its ‘rules’ can be found at:-

This leads me to mention the most important local document since then – the Neighbourhood Plan.  This has reached a critical stage where it needs your help and input.  As you will know it is being produced by the Neighbourhood Forum, a body established at Knowle Society’s initiative.  The Plan is now at its final Draft stage and the Forum is extremely keen to get your views on it, to ensure it is as good as it possibly can be.

Consultation on the Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Draft Neighbourhood Plan ends at midnight on the 12 January 2018.  Make sure your views are known before it’s too late!

The Draft Plan can be viewed online at:-

and reference copies are available at Knowle Library. Printed copies of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan are available to borrow for up to a week from Liz Hulse 07598 641463 or DDRA 01564 772410.

Please look at this and comment, even if only on one or two of the sections.