Newsletter goes full colour


The newsletter has undergone many significant changes in format in its fifty year life but has previously only dabbled in colour in its so-called ‘mastheads’, the tops of page 1.

It has now finally gone full colour and transformed itself from the former more staid format to a more magazine-like style. This change has been made by the new editor Dave Pinwell who brings with him experience of designing full-colour magazines.

The Society has been incredibly well served by its former printer over several decades and even if we haven’t been always been that fast at delivering the newsletters to our members, he has always been meticulous in delivering a quality product to us on time. Members have frequently been kind enough to compliment us on the quality of our newsletter and we are grateful to Newton Print for making that possible.

We hope you like the new colour and format but of course you may soon be demanding tablet and smartphone versions, so how long will print copies continue? At present we believe that most members would prefer paper copies but there is a steady trickle of demand for copies by email and of course back copies are always available on this website.

Let us know what you think by emailing and prefixing it with editor.