Newsletter and Subscriptions

You will have seen my article in the recent Newsletter asking Members to consider paying their subscriptions by Standing Order (if they do not already do so). My thanks to those who have returned the form or set up a SO on-line. If you have not yet done so please would you help out the Newsletter distributors who also have to collect the subs. It will also make life less complicated for me.
If you need another copy of the form or the details to set up a SO on-line, just drop me an email at the address below.

Mentioning the Newsletter distributors allows me to make a plea for some new volunteers.  There are 92 Rounds that need covering and, while we are OK at the moment, there is a natural turn-over. If you feel that you could help, either on a one-off basis or through taking on a Round, please get in touch.

Leighton Jones
Membership Secretary