You will probably have had emails from other organisations telling you about the updates to their Privacy Policy.  It will not surprise you that we have been doing the same.  Our Policy can be found at :-

While there have been very few changes in what we do and how, we are now required to tell you about our practices, hence the new Policy!

We keep your data to process your membership application and administer your ongoing membership, such as your subscriptions and delivery of your Newsletters.  These all come under the heading of a ‘legitimate interest’, in other words, without you providing the minimum information and us keeping it, you cannot be a member of the Society!

One use that we do make of your email address is to send you these emails.  We have taken the same approach as many other organisations, in that we have assumed that you are willing to receive them, as you have not asked not to.  If this is NOT so, please click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of this email and we will stop sending them to you.  We will keep your email address in order to contact you about your membership, but not send these general emails.

If there is any more information you would like about this area, please let me know.  There’s lots!