New Bus Timetables

The revised bus timetables from Knowle to Solihull (and return) are now available on this site.

The new timetables for the S2 and S3 may be found from the home page link to ‘Community Services’ and then to ‘Buses’. These became effective from 31 May 2009. There are some minor changes to bus numbers, e.g. no S802 or S3E now, but instead S2A and S2C have been added. Please note that the times of S2 buses have been slightly changed from the initial postings on this website of the new arrangement because the printed and online Network West Midlands timetables differed and both contain different errors – we have now used the best information from both sources! Compared with the pre-31 May timetable, there are negligible if any changes to times as far as Knowle-Solihull-Knowle journeys are concerned – only service numbers have changed. The further issue of new timetables on 17th June only corrects typographical errors in the online and printed timetables, meanwhile The Knowle Society compilation issued after the 31st May revisions, remains correct. [This update 22 June 09]