Unfortunately, our planned talk on Recycling has had to be postponed from next Monday and will be rescheduled at a later date.

In its place, our Deputy Chair / Newsletter Editor Dave Pinwell will provide a highly illustrated talk entitled:

I’ve been to Yellowstone – and it’s spectacular

Dave explains: “Yellowstone is the most spectacular place I have been to. Some folks think it is a few geysers and the home of Yogi Bear but actually it is full of the most rich, varied and remarkable sights. There are numerous breathtaking moments in every day of a stay there, some of which defy belief. Take the picture below. It looks like a few tranquil pools on the edge of a sea shore somewhere. In really, this photo was taken near the shore of Lake Yellowstone. It was taken from a raised boardwalk, the ground beneath being far too hot to walk on, and as for dipping a finger into one of those tempting ponds ……”

Come and see more eye catching images of America’s first and foremost National Park and hear about one of the most dramatic environments on Earth, from its canyons to its waterfalls and, of course, the geysers and the wildlife.

All welcome at the Village Hall at 8pm, next Monday, 14th January.