Middleton Lakes – gravel pits to RSPB Nature Reserve

Forthcoming Talk


Monday, 15 May 2017 – 8:00pm


Knowle Village Hall


Chris Edwards


Knowle Society’s 2017/18 Speaker Meeting programme kicks off when former RSPB Communications Manger, Chris Edwards, tells the fascinating story of RSPB’s Middleton Lakes Reserve.

Just over a decade ago, the 400 acre site was a cluster of gravel pits, but now it is a network of trails around a jigsaw of hides, lookouts, meadows, wetlands, lakes and ponds that are bird spotter’s paradise.

Strolling the trails, which lie nestled between the River Tame and the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal, the visitor can readily spot swans, gliding gracefully across the lakes, and then the ducks and other fowl bobbing along in the streams. For the more eagle eyed, there is now a bounty of birdlife to feast on, including the haughty heron waiting patiently on a high branch to the sparrowhawk soaring and circling overhead to the sandpiper spying from the bank.

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