Matters discussed by the Trustee Directors in October 2009

A brief report of matters discussed at the most recent committee meeting. Discussion on Society matters is welcomed on the ‘Forum’.

In order of discussion:

1. Update on Knowle Green Community Project – no news to report yet. It is understood that SMBC is investigating ownership of the land.

2. Safe Routes to School project update – Society’s recommendations broadly accepted by the Council – no work in the park, measures for school travelling time speed restrictions and traffic calming outside Arden School. The Society will begin to gather its thoughts on wider cycling options in anticipation of SMBC accepting our offer of assistance.

3. Christmas Lights event – The Police have agreed to the closing of Kenilworth Road only, now that the event will take place further into the church’s grounds away from the road. The police are supportive of the revised proposals. Details to be sorted out on First Aid and lost children assistance and the risk assessment to be further reviewed.

4. Airport Noise Action Plan – It is expected that this matter will go quiet (!) for the next year therefore it will be dropped from forthcoming agendas, to be returned for consideration when changes arise.

5. The problem of Trustee Directors having computer problems when working on Knowle Society business was discussed and a process was agreed in the event that suitable internal self-help was not available.

6. A FULL planning application in respect of the Stripes Hill Marina proposal had now been submitted by the developers – the Society will ensure that its response to this new application is submitted to SMBC.

7. The Environment Committee will now be known as the Natural Environment Committee – this better reflects its remit and accords well with the naming of such functions within SMBC with whom it will have most relationship.

8. The Society’s fiscal year, subscription collection timing and AGM timing were discussed, recognising difficulties of nighttime subscription collection and the short time for examiners to approve the accounts. The matter was noted pending a view of the success of the Standing Order campaign. The possibility of allowing subscription collection at the April publication date rather than the October one was received with some support but no action was taken at this time.

9.Under AOB it was noted that the next Unitary Development Plan would be due in 2011, which is not far away. Heavy involvement by the Society is anticipated.

The meeting ended at 9.30pm