Matters discussed by the Trustee Directors in November 2010

A brief report of matters discussed at the most recent committee meeting. Feedback on Society matters is welcomed on our online ‘Forum’.

1. Gary Masters is organising a meeting with interested village organisations to initiate a village celebration in 2012 for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and The Knowle Society’s Golden Jubilee.

2. The Society is determined to set up a youth section but has had setbacks to its initial approach; the Chairman will now be approaching SMBC to explore an alternative approach.

3. All arrangements are in hand for the Christmas Lights event to go ahead using the same successful formula as last year.

4. Following a meeting with the Dorridge & District Residents Association (DDRA) it was agreed that it would be more appropriate for the Council’s Core Strategy to be recommending Village Plans rather than Village Design Statements for places such as Knowle and Dorridge. Leighton Jones will seek a meeting with the relevant SMBC Liaison Officer to put forward this idea.

5.Planning – Concern was expressed about the Council’s lack of robustness in handling infringements of Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and also noted that Murco had lost its appeal to keep the present over-sized ‘totem-pole’ sign at its garage on Kenilworth Road.

6. The proposed sites for housing development in 2021-6 were discussed with particular concern about the lack of timely provision of infrastructure such as schools, medical facilities and roads.

7. It was noted that SMBC considers that there is little value in continuing to retain the line of the proposed relief road.

8. A proposal to create allotments at the site of the old Thacker’s Nursery was dismissed by SMBC on cost grounds. The Society is now going to explore other creative methods of initiating community action on this worthy project.

9. The History section had captured the sad closure of Knowle Decorating & Building Supplies with a photographic record.

10. The Quiz Night was reported to have been fully attended and an outstanding success, despite the erudite questions set by the Society’s Chairman.

11. Groundwork is no longer acting in the matter of the Knowle Green Community Project but the grant bid and planning application will both now be undertaken by the architect instead.