Matters discussed by the Trustee Directors in May 2010

A brief report of matters discussed at the most recent committee meeting. Feedback on Society matters is welcomed on our online ‘Forum’. The report for June’s meeting will be late or skipped.

1. SMBC has invited the Society to participate in a meeting on cycle routes within Knowle, which it is happy to accept, however that meeting has since been postponed.

2. Some members have pressed the Society to engage with Kimberley Developments on possible changes to its current planning application. The TDs did not consider that this was the appropriate action at this time but would ask Kimberley if it wished to consider such a move.

3. Proposals for honorary life members of the Society were considered and would be put to the members at the next AGM.

4. Arrangements for a full involvement with the Festival in the Park on 19th June were agreed.

5. Issues of copyright had been further researched and relevant material gives the Society renewed confidence in the use of its resources.

6. A bold proposal to create a youth committee within the Society was considered and will continue to receive further thought. It was not expected to be an easy or assured development but was seen as a worthy objective to pursue that was in line with the eductaion objects of the Society. Ultimately the Society might not benefit directly from new blood but it did see that it would be a valuable contribution to the civic movement generally. An approach will be made to an identified possible leader of such a committee to sound out the idea. Natural Environment and the proposed development by Kimberley were seen as good areas where youth involvement could be initiated.

7. It was reported that a public enquiry will now be set up on the matter of the refused planning application for canal moorings at Jacobean Lane. It was reported that SMBC has lost alll the initial public objections; the Sociey will be reiterating its initial objections. It will also be inviting members through its newsletter to let it know of their points of view.

8. The Trustee Directors approved purchase of a stock of linen bags with the Society’s logo and a local scene to be sold at close to cost price at forthcoming public events and as publicity for the Society.

9. The TD’s received with great regret the news of the death of Jean Laughton, a bulk distributor of the newsletter.