Matters discussed by the Trustee Directors in March 2011

A brief report of matters discussed at the most recent committee meeting. Feedback on Society matters is welcomed on our online ‘Forum’.

1. The Directors received updates on the Kimberley Developments’ plans (no news yet) and developments at Arden School (some concern was expressed at rumours about the Youth Centre and it was agreed to establish the facts first). Progress with volunteering at the Library was reported as having become a little fraught but a meeting to review the way ahead was being sought with the Council. A meeting had also been arranged with the Council to discuss the development of a Village Plan for Knowle.

2. The Society’s involvement with the planning meeting for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Knowle was considered in the temporary absence of our intended representative. It agreed to exhibit at the Festival in the Park but regretted the move to a Sunday, the need for which was felt unproven.

3. Plans for the Society’s proposed Photographic Competition were agreed – prizes will be presented at the Festival in the Park.

4. The Directors will be arranging to meet with Freedie Gick of WestMASA (the West Midlands Amenities Societies Association) and himself the Vice-Chairman of Civic Voice the organisation that replaced the Civic Trust. An invitation to attend will be extended to all Society members.

5. Planning – an application for changed signage at the Red Lion (AGAIN!) was being resisted on the grounds that it was inappropriate in style and content for the area and the history of building.

6. Hopes that car parking issues in St Johns Close could be addressed shortly were in abeyance with a form of planning blight while Kimberley Developments’ plans were being awaited.

7. We received warning that Neighbourhood Policing was likely to be subject to significant cuts – the success of this policing recently was acknowledged by the Society.

8. As expected, the Knowle Green Community Project did not manage to gain a grant from Community Spaces. Funding is under extra pressure at this time and other projects were deemed more deserving than this one, though it is assumed that the project was essentially eligible given different circumstances.

9. Lengthy discussion ensued on the benefits or otherwise of changing the subscription collection season from October to April. The aim is to improve the rate of collection within the first month of the new year, whilst recognising that some collectors could, for personal reasons, agree with the Society to commit to a different month but then keep to that commitment.

10. The Directors agreed that The Knowle Society would become a member of Solihull SUSTAiN, which is free.