Matters discussed by the Trustee Directors in February 2011

A brief report of matters discussed at the most recent committee meeting. Feedback on Society matters is welcomed on our online ‘Forum’.

1. A Community meeting, to be held in the Royal British Legion on 23 March, will be called shortly by local organisations to discuss arrangements for the celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. This event is coincidental with the year of The Knowle Society’s Golden Jubilee. The Knowle Society, an early mover for this event, is fully involved in this planning. Monday 4th June 2012 would be the occasion of a Jubilee Fair and potential High Street closure.

2. Plans were discussed for a photographic competition for youth that would encourage a thoughtful view of the good and bad points of the village.

3. Andrew Marston has opened a dialogue with SMBC about the way forward to commencing preparation of a Village Plan.

4.Discussions are well advanced on the carefully thought through use and regulation of volunteers on Saturday afternoons in Knowle Library. These volunteers have come forward through The Knowle Society.

5. It was agreed in principle that the Society’s membership of the new Civic Voice organisation would be renewed for 500 pounds when the annual subscription renewal comes up shortly.

6. Knowle Green Community Project – the proposed development’s planning application has been approved by SMBC. No formal objections were received for that application. There is no news to report yet on potential grant funding but applications are likely to be considered by grant-making bodies over the next few weeks.

7. The continuing need for more distributors was raised and some considerations to ease the responsibilities of distributors were put forward; these included changing the subscription month from October to the following April; the potential for members to consider receiving their newsletters by email and the need to push for more standing order subscriptions.

8. It was agreed that the new liaison roles in the community (Arden School and Knowle Library) that Bill Bohanna had been championing recently should be recognised more formally in the committee structure of the Society; the title Community Liaison was proposed.