While the newspapers are full of pictures of hoards of people gathering at beauty spots, it’s been good to see that most people around here are being very sensible and following the guidance to keep away from crowded places and to abide by the social distancing practices.  Unfortunately we are by no means immune to infection and we have heard of at least 15 people in the locality who have, or have had the virus, fortunately most/all were not so ill as to need medical care, so were not counted in the official figure of 8 reported cases.
The restrictions just announced will make life even more difficult, but undoubtedly safer.  Please follow them and ‘encourage’ those in your Families and Friends to do the same.  It is the only way to slow or stop the spread and reduce the number of deaths.
If you need someone to help with collection of prescriptions, shopping, posting mail etc, there’s probably someone in your road who has volunteered to help.  Have a look at and it’ll show if your road is covered.  If not and you are fit and able to help, you can sign up to extend the coverage.  We’ve had to depend on this for urgent shopping and it’s worked very well.