Jobs Close pond drained

Job’s Close duck pond, thought to be an old marl pit, was recently drained and some of the surrounding growth cleared in a bid to bring renewed life to this popular feature of the park.

How many local children of all ages can remember being taken by their parents to see the ducks at the pond at Jobs Close Park? The condition of the pond had declined in recent years and was not ideal for the continued life of those poplar ducks! A major project was devised to drain the pond and deepen the bottom. At the same time cover from the bankside growth was thinned and cleared to enable more sunlight to penetrate to the water and help to reduce the growth of algae that can throttle life in the pond. The Knowle Society’s newsletter photographer Roger Grainger captured these images during the work. The Knowle Society can claim no credit for the project but we thought that you might find the pictures interesting and if we are totally honest we needed a story with which to try out a new facility enabling stories that have several pictures attached to them to be displayed on this website!