2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Knowle Conservation Area, in which the Society played a major part.  It covers most of the High Street and parts of the roads adjoining it.  The establishment has had a great influence in preserving the best of this area and in guiding the developments to protect its character.

The document describing the Area and its ‘rules’ can be found at:-

This leads me to mention the most important local document since then – the Neighbourhood Plan.  This has reached a critical stage where it needs your help and input.  As you will know it is being produced by the Neighbourhood Forum, a body established at Knowle Society’s initiative.  The Plan is now at its final Draft stage and the Forum is extremely keen to get your views on it, to ensure it is as good as it possibly can be.

Consultation on the Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Draft Neighbourhood Plan ends at midnight on the 12 January 2018.  Make sure your views are known before it’s too late!

The Draft Plan can be viewed online at:-


and reference copies are available at Knowle Library. Printed copies of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan are available to borrow for up to a week from Liz Hulse 07598 641463 or DDRA 01564 772410.

Please look at this and comment, even if only on one or two of the sections.