Down Your Way

Every Street, Road, Lane etc, has had its own name since early times.  Where do the names come from, and why does every village, town, city etc have one particular street name in common – “HIGH STREET”.  What do some of the names tell us about the past history of our towns and villages?  Often roads and streets were named after a destination, person, landmark, geographical feature etc.

We thought it would be interesting to explore some clues that local street names give us about the development and history of Knowle – what was the meaning behind Kixley? Who was Cook Close named after and other interesting facts such as – why are streets wider than lanes.

The exhibition explores our research from Local History archives and maps, and is illustrated not only through photographs but also through the wonderful paintings by Mike Humpreys, our local artist.

Come and find out the answers to these questions and learn more about the street names of Knowle by visiting our exhibition. ‘Down Your Way’ in the Local History Centre upstairs in Knowle Library. The exhibition is free to view at any time during library opening hours and Stewards are on duty every Saturday morning 10am – 12pm