Civic Trust announces that it is entering administration

The trustees of the Civic Trust announced on 17th April 2009 that the Civic Trust is to be placed into administration. The Knowle Society is registered with the Civic Trust. A new ‘Civic Trust Initiative’ was formed on 2nd June.

It is not clear what effect this will have on the Civic Societies movement generally but the immediate impact on The Knowle Society itself is unlikely to be significant.

An announcement by English Heritage on 18th May states that it will be rescuing the Heritage Open Days programme (of which it was previously a partner) from The Civic Trust, for all future years. The Knowle Society and Knowle Parish Church have combined successfully in recent years to put on HODS events in Knowle. These national events usually take place around the second weekend in September and this year take place over 10-13 September.

As at 2nd June 2009 a new organisation ‘Civic Trust Initiative’ has been launched to keep the movement going. It will not be the same set up as before although some names continue. The Knowle Society will consider its position when more information becomes available and when it hears how WestMASA intends to relate to the new body.