Most of the local bus services are changing, some to a worse service.  Information is still not easily available and confusing, but the best we can glean is:-

The S3 service between Dorridge, Knowle and Dickens Heath will be withdrawn. The replacement services will split the old route at Solihull and run with reduced frequency. A new HOURLY service (A3) will run between Dorridge, Knowle and Solihull with a change of bus necessary to carry on to Dickens Heath.  It will be provided by ‘Landflight’. Just a few of these buses will extend beyond Dorridge, to and from Hockley Heath. The timetables are available at

The 87, 88 & 88A services will be provided by ‘Johnsons’ with a half hourly service Solihull to Knowle and the 87 onto Coventry, the 88 & 88A stopping at Balsall Common.  The 88 service, every two hours, will proceed via Chadwick End, the 87 and 88A will continue along the Kenilworth Rd.   The timetables are available at:-

Some members in the west of our patch might also find the new A7/A8 circular services, which will run hourly along the former S2 route then through Hockley Heath, Blythe Valley and Cheswick Green, and vice versa, of interest, as it can be caught in Widney Road.  See:-

Of these services the A3 will run an hourly Sunday service, but the A7/A8 Sunday service will only run from Solihull to Dorridge via Cheswick Green and Blythe Valley and not through Bentley Heath. The 87/88/88A will not run on Sundays.

In summary, Knowle will be served by three services an hour each way along the Warwick Road, but there will only be one an hour for the areas between Knowle and Dorridge.