It is very good to see how well people locally are abiding by the guidance, especially when out of doors.  It’s not as good in shops, unfortunately.  There are some early signs that sticking to the rules is having some impact on the rate of increase of the spread of the virus, which is good news.  Let’s hope it continues to be good.
We are very well served locally with the organisations and individual actions of people who are providing shopping etc services to those who have to self-isolate, it’s a credit to the community and to the shops who have switched to deliveries and/or click & collect.  Let’s hope they survive and are there for us to use afterwards, and that we don’t forget them.


The restrictions on personal contact has highlighted the difficulties that some of the Newsletter distributors have in collecting subscriptions from those who normally pay ‘on the door’. Over half of subs are paid this way, which can require multiple visits (usually in the winter months).  You could make life much easier for everyone if you paid your subscriptions by Standing Order from your bank account. The form to do so can be found at:-
If you are not sure whether you pay this way already, don’t worry just complete a form and send it in – you won’t end up paying twice!


Dear Member,

The April Newsletter is expected back from the printers imminently. However, due to the current situation, we have very reluctantly decided that the printed copies will not be distributed until things become easier.

What we are doing is to send a link to everyone we have an email address for, so you can either download a version, or read it on the Society’s website.  When it becomes easier and safer we intend to distribute the hard copies so you have something to read in comfort and to share. We are hoping that this will be well before the July edition is due!

The link is please copy and paste it into your browser. The Newsletter item is the first one on the home page.  We hope this will suffice until things return to normal.  We don’t usually provide free access to the current Newsletter, but for now, please feel free to share the link with any of your neighbours or friends who you think might be interested.

An online version can be read here.

In addition a pdf version can be viewed here.



While the newspapers are full of pictures of hoards of people gathering at beauty spots, it’s been good to see that most people around here are being very sensible and following the guidance to keep away from crowded places and to abide by the social distancing practices.  Unfortunately we are by no means immune to infection and we have heard of at least 15 people in the locality who have, or have had the virus, fortunately most/all were not so ill as to need medical care, so were not counted in the official figure of 8 reported cases.
The restrictions just announced will make life even more difficult, but undoubtedly safer.  Please follow them and ‘encourage’ those in your Families and Friends to do the same.  It is the only way to slow or stop the spread and reduce the number of deaths.
If you need someone to help with collection of prescriptions, shopping, posting mail etc, there’s probably someone in your road who has volunteered to help.  Have a look at and it’ll show if your road is covered.  If not and you are fit and able to help, you can sign up to extend the coverage.  We’ve had to depend on this for urgent shopping and it’s worked very well.